Ije Awele Support Group Charges Ndi Enugu To Get Their Voters Card

The IJE AWELE support group is appealing to residents of Enugu Enugu to visit the various INEC Registration centers around their vicinity to carry out their civic responsibility of registering as voters, transferring their votes to their desired location  and obtaining their  Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) in readiness of the 2023 general election.

The pro-good governance group makes this call following the June 30 deadline as  stated by INEC to end the 2022 Continuous Voters Registration (CVR).

According to the Convener of the Group, Engr. Mike Ogbuekwe. "Getting registered as a voter is a first step in expressing our civic rights and duties in a democratic society. It is through the instrumentality of our voters card that we take the power that belongs to us and get our voices heard in the ballot boxes during elections. The people of Enugu State and the South East region need to participate more in the national elections and lend our weight towards who we want to become the next leaders on Nigeria”.

Engr Mike Ogbuekwe, Convener ije Awele Support Group

Speaking further on behalf of the group, He said that every eligible unregistered citizen of Enugu State should seize this one month interval to the deadline of the Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) to get registered and avoid been disenfranchised during the 2023 general election.

IJE AWELE Support Group is also calling on other relevant bodies to join hand in sensitizing the masses on the need to obtain their voters card. 

We can only have a nation of our dream when we are collectively involved in the election of the rightful candidates as our leaders.

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