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Hon. Sam Ngene

As 2023 general election draw close with the seventh Assembly painstakingly getting closer to it's wrap up, citizens of Enugu State looks forward to a stronger and more dynamic 8th Assembly.

The seventh Assembly headed by the tallest speaker in subs saharan Africa,*Rt. Hon. Edward Ubosi* is an admirable assembly characterized by notable robust legislative engagements.

The unity and cooperation that exists amongst the members of the seventh Assembly is one of it's hallmarks.

The seventh Assembly hosted charismatic and pragmatic legislator like *Hon. Sam Ngene (Anointed David)* whose unique personality coloured the assembly and contributed in no small measure to the Unity that characterized the seventh Assembly.

Every Assembly taps from the rich legislative resources or endowment of previous members to fly.

As the seventh Assembly painstakingly draws closer to it's wrap up,all eyes are on *Hon. Sam Ngene (Anointed David)* to colour the gathering of the eagles of the 8th assembly with his rich and unarguable sophisticated Leadership experience.

Anointed David who began his political journey as the councilor of ward five uwani west in Enugu South local government,has literally been involved in the various government of the state and has participated from various arm of leadership.

The two term Local government boss, commissioner and erstwhile board member of Auchi politechnic is currently one of the most articulate lawmakers in the seventh Assembly with a unique brand leadership style of empathy.

Like a chef with adequate cooking materials, Anointed David will obviously garnish the 8th Assembly with his leadership experience if he emerges winner of Enugu South Urban representative at the next general election.

With such a cerebral deep thinker and people oriented legislator who speaks truth to power as one of the returning members in the eight assembly,the eight assembly as in the days of Senator Bukolar Saraki and Senator Ken Nnamani led national assemblies,will be one to watch out for.

Anointed David just like wine,gets sweeter as he gets older in the legislative Chambers.

With Hon. Sam Ngene whose deep legislative trappings and parliamentary temperament has been a tonic to the seventh assembly,the eight assembly looks promising with the thoughts of Anointed David as one of the foremen.

- Victor Okoh writes from Enugu

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