Coalition of Enugu Youths sues for an issue-based campaign, urges youths to resist being used to cause chaos | CABLE REPORTERS

The coalition of Enugu youths, a convergence of all youths in the three senatorial zone of Enugu State, led by Hon. Edeani M. Edeani, the National President of Nkanu Youths, Comr. Roy Ekwueme, the National President of Nsukka youths and their Enugu West counterpart, Hon. Ebube Nebo has called on the youths of Enugu State to shun any politician, political players or party investigating them for violence as the campaign for the 2023 general elections kicks-off tomorrow 28 September 2023.

In an interaction with CABLE REPORTERS, the Enugu youth leaders equally urged the political candidates to employ an issue-based campaign so as to maintain peace and stability in the state.

“We would like to humbly plead with our Political leaders and stakeholders from various Political parties to see the maintenance of peace and stability in Enugu state as their collective primary responsibility and thereby make their campaign issues based.”

“This campaign must be about issues that are affecting our state, zones, local governments, communities etc and proffering solutions on how to solve them instead of attacking one another, this campaign must be followed in a way that strengthens the unity of our dear state instead of dividing us along any mundane lines be it regional or religious.”

“We urge all the Governorship candidates to develop a Youth policy on how they plan to cut youths unemployment because one of the major problems facing Nigeria today is unprecedented Youths unemployment and under-employment and when youths are unproductive in their productive years, when graduates can't find jobs, when small businesses are failing because of harsh economic policies, there is a saying "an idle mind is a devil's workshop" and we will add "idle young minds is a recipe for anarchy" 

“The focus of the Enugu Political campaign across all boards should be "Enugu First" how to drastically reduce dependence on federal allocations, how to harness the digital ingenuity of Enugu state youths breaking barriers around the world to make Enugu the digital hub of the country, agricultural grants and subsidies to the youths strictly implemented, monitored and evaluated, As the home for all southeasterners, we should be talking about the tourism industry and building new cities to accommodate the population explosion of the state”

“Youths on our part must resist every attempt to be used against ourselves by Political leaders, we must understand that at every point in time, the personal interests of politicians are what matters to them first as no political leader gives good opportunities to thugs. If you make yourself a thug or attack dogs to politicians, just know that your usefulness will expire once he eventually wins.”

“Please let's use our heads, support whoever you wish to support but let that support be based on strategies to win voters to him/her and not to hurt others, don't hurt your fellow Youth for a Politician, don't destroy the properties of others for a Politician and don't dare kill for Politicians because there is no Politician's ambition that worths the blood of another person.”

“Please let's go through this election period in brotherhood, respect of choices, understanding and peace so that those that will emerge can easily and readily get to work in delivering democratic dividends to Ndi Enugu state.”

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