Enugu is ready to show what we can do for Tinubu says Emma Enukwu | CABLE REPORTERS


Ahead of the forth coming campaigns in Enugu State, the national Deputy Chairman South of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Chief Emma Eneukwu has assured all, that the rally in Enugu will be one of the best in the zone.

Speaking to newsmen after an inspection of the venue for the rally which would be at Michael Ọkpara Square Enugu , Chief Eneukwu stated that, the party leaders in the state are committed to making sure that the whole of the City is shut down tommorw for Tinubu.

He stated that, ten of thousands of people from the state have geared up to show massive and mouth watering support our country's next president.

He posited that, Enugu as usual has always been a fortress for Tinubu in South East even as the capital city and state of the Zone.

He reiterated the commitment of the party in Enugu state ;in ensuring that Ahmed Bolaji Tinubu gets the highest votes cast because, his support is growing every day.

According to him "Enugu State is ready to show what we are made of to our presidential candidate and by God's grace, our next president.

" We have mobilised over 1 million core registered voters that will come out enmass tomorrow to showcase that Apc in Enugu State is at another level.

" As you can see, the venue is almost ready and by the time we are done with our rally tomorrow, the whole of the south East will be shocked with our massive outing"

"Enugu has always been a fortress for Tinubu and we have more members and independent supporters now than before"

"I am very confident that Enugu's support to Tinubu will be one of the best in the zone"

Chief Eneukwu also enjoined all the state registered voters to utilise the opportunities presented by Inec to go and collect their pvc's as it is the only sine quo non, to making sure that PDP is retired permanently.

He however, assured Nigerians that, Tinubu is the best for us and his presidency would usher in the needed development which would compliment the achievements of president Muhammadu Buhari's administration and thus, benefit all.

"I call on all our supporters to make it a point of duty to go and collect their pvc's"

"Inec has started ward to ward distribution which is the best for everybody.  We can make it to happen efficiently if we collect our Pvc's and use it for Apc and Tinubu.

" We can by doing so, bring an end to the PDP, who has been using lies to deceive Nigerians into allowing them to come back to power again.

" We cannot allow that to happen "

Ahmed bolaji Tinubu is the best man for the job.  His sterling anticidents speaks volume of his capacity and willingness to develop our country.

"We must ensure that his victory becomes a reality at the poll"

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