Lucky Ugo Chukwu: When Political Desperation Attempts to distort the History by Prof. Chris Chimdubem Ngwu | CABLE REPORTERS


In the last few days, we've seen a lot of things that should pose some cause for an alarm. We have seen the Enugu labour party politicians trying to manipulate us into believing lies about one another's histories and cultures. We have seen them trying to distort history by rewriting it to suit their own warped agenda. But they are not just doing this on their own—they are working together in secret to keep us all in the dark about how they actually feel about us.

Chijioke Edeoga and his cronies across the state, are engaged in a campaign of disinformation and distortion of history which  is now reaching an all-time high. They have been caught red-handed, lying to the  people about everything from fake promises, to character assassination, to the economy and then to leadership.

They are doing this because they know that we do not trust them—you don't trust them with your health care or your finances or your children's education or your safety—and they know it and hate it. This hate has been building up for months now, so they have shifted into the dishonorable part of fake news and distortion of history, and I think it is time we stopped letting them get away with it!

It's that time again in our political history when desperate characters choose not to engage in an issue-based campaign but would rather resort to a futile campaign of calumny, media smears and history contortions. It is that time again that if records are not set straight, the unsuspecting public will be forced to even question their names, parents and other important and existential biographies because of the sheer intrepidity of these desperate politicians and their co-travellers.

The latest before us is the ill-conceived, poorly-written, deficiently organized and stage-managed outing by the already defeated Chijioke Edeoga, the dismissed former commissioner, Lucky Chukwu and his elder brother cum political toddler, Oyibo Chukwu and their labour party lame ducks in Enugu State.

It was the dismissed Commissioner, Mr Lucky Chukwu whose Nkanu chronology is well known to be a sham that had the gut to question the history of the Owo Clan, Ndi Owo and the heritage of a Full-Blooded Nkanu man, Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mbah. This is a clear case of a guest questioning the genealogy of his host, but we will leave this for another day, though there may never be the need for it.

The said Lucky Chukwu, from Amuri, Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State, who claims to be a lawyer, but never completed law school or graduated as a law student offered himself again to be used as a tool for distortion of history, propaganda and media smudges as has been his career since his sack from the government of Sen. Chimaroke Nnamani as a commissioner due to gross corruption.

This piece won't exhaust nor bug the readers with the migration Story of Owo, their cultural tie with Akegbe or Ntuegbenese as it has adequately been furnished by other articles nor am I going to dwell on the lineage of Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, the son of Mba Nwa-Ekete and the great-grandson of Anukaenyi of Owo, Chief Nnamchi Aniowo Arum Aga Adenyi - A respected warrant chief and a prominent Nkanu leader per excellent.

Our beloved Amurri community will not, also, be attacked for the brazen ignorance of a desperate fellow since the crowned Prince of the Kingdom, the renowned Dr. Ben Nwoye, has swiftly apologized on behalf of their prodigal son and consequently stated the position of the community as follows:

“As a Crown Prince of Amurri Ancient Kingdom, I hereby apologise to the good people of Owo Kingdom. Please bury the hatchet.”

“I think that my brother, Barr Lucky Chukwu, went a little too far. Please take it as a political statement and not as an insult to the good people of Owo. Amurri and Owo share ancestral relationship which dictates that conflicts between descendants of these great Kingdoms are forbidden. “

As history has shown that the likes of Lucky Chukwu, Edeoga and all their co-travellers always end in disappointment, dissatisfaction and discontentment,  I want to enjoin all well-meaning Ndi Enugu never to allow themselves to be distracted by these hopeless detractors whom I choose to call common street urchins and serial mountebanks as we can't trust even one word they utter.

It is not unmistakable that they're lying to us, and they won't stop at nothing in their failed mission to get what they want which is our vote...they will say anything to get it...even if it is not true; but that would never happen as our mandate cannot be bestowed on such ignoble and low life characters. Our Mandate and Vote is for Competency and Proven Integrity, our Vote is for Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah of the People ‘s Democratic Party (PDP).

Indeed Tomorrow is Here!!!

Prof Chris Ngwu writes from Freedom House, Onuishingene Avenue, Ishiegu Village, Owo, Nkanu East LGA, Enugu State.

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