Abakpa Youths vow to deliver Peter Mbah on Saturday | CABLE REPORTERS


The youths of Ugbo Ezeji in Abakpa have organized themselves and are drumming up support for Dr Peter Mbah as the most qualified candidate to solve their problems at this time when the nation is facing economic challenges.

According to the youths, Dr Peter Mbah is the only candidate that gives ndi Enugu fuel at the official pump price while every other person inflated fuel prices. This act of kindness has endeared him to the hearts of the people, and they believe that he is the best candidate to provide a solution to their challenges.

Furthermore, the youths of Ugbo Ezeji are convinced that Dr Peter Mbah's plan to provide portable running water in Enugu is a step in the right direction. They have vowed to come out en masse to vote for Dr Peter Mbah during the elections.

Abonyi Chidiebere, the leader of the youths in the community, emphasized that Dr Peter Mbah is the best candidate considering his uprightness and his manifesto, which is relatable to the people's needs. The youths of Ugbo Ezeji believe that Dr Peter Mbah is the candidate that can take them to the next level, and they are ready to support him wholeheartedly and be voting for him come Saturday.

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