Announce Collated Results, Stop Endangering the Life of Our Youths - Nkanu Youth President Warns INEC | CABLE REPORTERS

The recent events in Enugu State have been a cause for concern, particularly with regard to the ongoing protests by youths in the area. These protests are a result of the Independent National Electoral Commission's (INEC) continuous silence on the collation of election results. The results, which have been in the possession of INEC since Sunday, have yet to be announced, and this delay has led to an increase in unrest in the region.

The Nkanu Youth President, Hon. Edeani M. Edeani JP, has urged  INEC to do the right thing by declaring Peter Ndubisi Mbah as the winner having garnered the highest number of votes cast, stating that its actions of delaying the declaration is endangering the lives of the youths in the area. “The failure of the commission to obey the provisions of Section 65 and 66 of the Electoral Act 2022 and turning itself into a tribunal is a clear violation of its mandate and puts the lives of Nkanu youths at risk. The ongoing protests, which have lasted for three days now and have caused our youths to sleep on the streets as a clear indication of the frustration and anxiety felt by the youths in the area.”

The Nkanu Youth President is headstrong that INEC should declare the collated results immediately, as they show Dr. Peter Mbah as the clear winner of the election. “The delay in announcing the results is a clear indication of a conspiracy and sabotage and we the Nkanu youths will not continue to tolerate it” Edeani added.

He insists that INEC should act in accordance with its constitutional duties to safeguard the lives and interests of the citizens.

It is evident that the delay in the announcement of the results is unnecessary and unwarranted. The prolonged silence of INEC on this matter has caused unrest and instability in the region, and the Nkanu Youth President is calling for a swift resolution to this issue. The safety and wellbeing of the youths in the area must be the top priority, and it is up to INEC to ensure that their rights are protected.

“The situation in Nkanu is one that requires immediate attention and action. The ongoing protests are a clear indication of the frustration and anxiety felt by the youths in our area, and INEC must act quickly to resolve this issue by announcing Dr Peter Mbah as the winner”. EdeNi 

The leader of Youths in the 6 local government of Enugu East Senatorial zone made it clear that the he will not stand for the endangerment of the lives of Nkanu youths, and he calls upon INEC to do the right thing and announce the collated results immediately.

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