“ I dedicate every tissue of my flesh and totality of my mind to serving you” - Peter Ndubuisi Mbah | CABLE REPORTERS


Enugu State has a new governor-elect, Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, who has vowed to dedicate every tissue of his flesh and the totality of his mind to serving the people of Enugu State. Mbah, in his victory speech, thanked the people of Enugu State for their active support and declared that this victory could not have been possible without them.

Mbah acknowledged the sacrifice and dedication of the people of Enugu State, who supported him in the hot sun, stood by him in the rain, and counted on him during the elections. He also acknowledged his colleagues with whom he ran the gubernatorial election, extending a hand of fellowship to them, declaring that the task at hand transcends emotions, politics, and other mundane divides.

Mbah stated that Enugu State is greater than all of them and implored his colleagues to come together to give the people of Enugu State a better tomorrow that befits their hard work, industry, and ancestry of greatness.

The people of Enugu State are elated about the election of Peter Ndubuisi Mbah as their governor-elect and look forward to the positive changes that he will bring to the state. With his dedication and commitment to serving the people of Enugu State, there is hope for a brighter future for the state.

“ Ndi Enugu, as you all know, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced my election as your governor-elect.


I accept this announcement with a glad, solemn and grateful heart and with only one obligation: to devote every tissue of my flesh, the totality of my mind and spirit to the task of the greatness of Enugu State.


This victory could not have been won except for God, with the active support of you, the people of Enugu State. It is why you, Ndi Enugu, are the hero of this victory. You sowed your sweats and prolonged discomfort that earned us this victory. 

In the hot and torrid sun, you were with us; when the rain – literally and metaphorically – drenched us, you stood by us, offering your clothes to damp our wet apparels. And when it was time to stand and be counted with your votes, Ndi Enugu, you did not let us down.

In the elections we ran, we are all winners. No one is a victor, nor is anyone vanquished. The task at hand transcends emotions, politics and other mundane divides. 


This is why I extend my hands of fellowship to all my colleagues with whom I ran the gubernatorial election. Our dear Enugu State is greater than all of us. Let us come together and give our people a tomorrow that befits their hard-work, industry and ancestry of greatness.


Once again, Ndi Enugu, I thank you for reposing your trust in us. Together, our tomorrow is here.” Dr Peter Mbah stated in full.

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