Will You Vote for Peter Mbah’s Competence or Ideke's Clannishness as You Choose the Next Governor of Enugu State? | CABLE REPORTERS

*By Emeka Ozioko*

Following the now viral video clip speech of Bar. Okey Ezea, the Senator-elect of Enugu North Senatorial zone in which he made an incendiary statement capable of jeopardizing the political serenity of Enugu State. It bewilders a sane mind that the first step a Senator elect is taking is to incite political bad blood between Nsukka people and Nkanu people after hiding on Obi’s popularity and goodwill to win election. 

Dr Peter Mbah’s clear competence and comportment is a clear departure from Okey Ezea’s clannishness and that of his political associates. 

Okey Ezea’s call on Nsukka people to take the forthcoming gubernatorial election as a fight against ndi Nkanu portrays him as a clannish bigot and a divisive element trying to play the ethnicity card. He has realized that Obi's goodwill and the voting pattern he hid under to clinch victory has expired  and won't work for his governorship candidate.   Therefore, he decided to play the clannish bigot card. 

He needs to be reminded that Enugu politics has grown beyond clannish sentiments and ethnicity. We want leaders who will work for the masses. The ethnicity card has long been buried by our founding fathers through the well accepted gubernatorial zoning principle among the three senatorial zones and we cannot afford to go back to what has long be buried. 

The reality check  is that an average Enugu person yearns for a candidate with  governance blueprint  packaged with action plans and deliverable deadlines.  A candidate well resourced to meet both the normal and emergency needs of the people. A candidate with global vision and social capital to attract  international and local investors into Enugu State. A leader with  verifiable track record of success.

A leader that has seen tomorrow and already, he is working it out today. 

Enugu State Politics has evolved beyond politics of the medieval era, we are now in the age where competence, character and capacity are the deciding parameter for leadership.

Ndi Enugu, Clannishness  breeds hatred and disunity where Competence  upholds and strengthens unity. Clannishness will bring discrimination and segregation but  competence will promote inclusiveness and meritocracy.

Clannishness will treat our state Treasury as national cake but competence will treat it as the collective resources for the state. 

NdI Enugu, the world is  watching us...

Let us vote for Dr Peter Mbah’s Competence and say no to Clannishness come March 11, 2023.

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