#Inaugration: Nkanu Youths Congratulates Governor Mbah, Says Peter Mbah is Beacon of Hope for A New Enugu | CABLE REPORTERS


The inauguration of Dr. Peter Mbah as the Executive Governor of Enugu State has sparked a wave of hope and optimism among the people. With his outstanding track record in both private and public service, unwavering dedication, and commitment to the welfare of the citizens, he has garnered the trust and admiration of many.

In a press statement issued by the Nkanu Youths and obtained by CABLE REPORTERS, the youths express immense pride in Governor Peter Mbah's inauguration, hailing him as a beacon of hope for Enugu State. They extend their heartfelt congratulations and call upon the entire state to rally around him, while also issuing a stern warning to anyone seeking to undermine his government.

"The Nkanu Youth Organization worldwide takes this opportunity to extend our heartfelt congratulations to His Excellency Hon. Bar. Peter Mbah on his resounding victory and subsequent inauguration. This remarkable achievement symbolizes the triumph of integrity, leadership, and the collective will of the people."

Recognizing the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, the Nkanu Youth Organization pledges unwavering support to help Governor Peter Mbah realize his goals and plans for the development of Enugu State.

"We firmly believe that Governor Peter Mbah will prioritize fulfilling his promises to the people of Enugu State. As a leader elected based on trust and hope, he must remain steadfast in his commitment to the state's progress and prosperity. The Nkanu Youth Organization stands ready to wholeheartedly support him, offering encouragement, prayers, and active involvement in addressing critical issues such as security, infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and employment generation, which formed the core of his campaign."

The organization urges Governor Peter Mbah to actively engage young people in decision-making processes, providing them with platforms and opportunities to contribute their ideas and perspectives. By tapping into their creativity, energy, and innovative thinking, the government can drive positive change and secure a brighter future for Enugu State.

Furthermore, the Nkanu Youth Organization in the statement signed by the National President, Hon. Edeani M. Edeani and Onovo Jenifer, National Secretary, reaffirms its unwavering support for the new administration and emphasizes the significance of unity and collaboration in achieving meaningful progress. They pledge to work hand in hand with the government while issuing a stern warning to those planning to distract or cause disturbances.

"While constructive criticism is democratic, we categorically state that we will not tolerate any form of needless distractions from individuals or groups. Anyone intending to sow anarchy or disturb the government of Peter Mbah and the progress of Enugu State will face the collective resolve of the entire Nkanu youth community. Please be advised and warned."

"The success of Governor Peter Mbah in his role as the Executive Governor of Enugu State will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the state and the Nkanu nation. Therefore, the Nkanu Youth Organization calls for unity of purpose within the state, urging everyone, irrespective of party or cultural affiliation, to rally behind the governor's vision for a prosperous Enugu State. Through collective strength and a shared heritage, we can shape the future of Enugu State under Peter ." concluded the statement

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