Eid-el-Kabir: Gov Mbah Congratulates Muslims, Nigerians. Sue for Peace, Unity | CABLE REPORTERS


Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah has felicitated Muslim faithful across the state, Nigeria and the world at large over this year’s Eid el-Kabir celebration commemorating Abraham’s sacrifices to God.

Mbah, who called on both the Muslim Ummah and other Nigerians to make uncommon sacrifices for the development of the country, further urged them to sustain the spirit of the Sallah celebration which encapsulates peace, love, unity, progress, neighborliness, development and nation-building, even as he promised that his administration would run the governance of inclusiveness, encourage religious harmony and forge a common front for the wellness of the society.

In a statement made available on Tuesday by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Mainstream Media, Dan Nwomeh, the Governor further assured that the peace and security of the citizens irrespective of religious leaning would be his administration’s priority.

He stressed that the Muslim Ummah, and indeed all Nigerians, should learn some good lessons from the sacrifice made by Abraham by being their neighbours’ keepers, adding that Christians, Muslims and others have been co-existing harmoniously in the state, which his administration would continue to consolidate.

“Let me thank the Almighty Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, for this year’s Eid-el-Kabir celebration by our Muslim brothers and sisters in Enugu State, Nigeria and the world at large.

“This year’s Eid-el-Kabir celebration has ushered in peace, unity and progress symbolizing the beginning of a new journey of greatness in the annals of our state and country. It has its spiritual significance which all Muslim Ummah must not abandon in the course of this celebration. The Sallah celebration has taught us unconditional sacrifices for our family, neighbours, and our society. It has taught us that peace costs nothing but remains priceless. It has given clues on how to live in harmony with the people around us.

“Our dear Enugu State, unarguably, remains the most peaceful state in terms of religious tolerance and freedom of worship. We intend to build on this strong pillar of peace in our administration to ensure religious inclusiveness across board. 

“As we mark this year’s Eid el Kabir, I urge Nigerians to continue to pray for enduring peace in our state and country in general, see government and governance as a collective responsibility, assist our security agencies in preventing crimes by reporting unusual and strange activities in our neighborhoods, and join hands in the ongoing nation-building,” part of the statement reads

The Governor also reassured Enugu residents of his desire to transform the state through industrialization, robust development policies and projects that would lift the citizens out of the pit of poverty, provide jobs for the youths, empower the vulnerable, and promote gender inclusiveness.

The statement further wished Muslim faithful a happy Sallah celebration and Allah’s protection throughout the period of festivity.

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