#EndSitAtHome: “Go About Your Businesses, I Assure You of Your Safety” - Mbah Charges Ndi Enugu | CABLE REPORTERS


Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah has assured the people of Enugu state that their safety is a top priority as he continues to maintain his declaration of an end to the Monday sit-at-home order imposed by the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). In a recent Facebook post, the governor encouraged residents to resume their daily activities, emphasizing the need to promote creativity, entrepreneurship, and productivity.

Governor Mbah's decision to lift the sit-at-home order stems from the belief that it has hindered economic growth and development in the state. Recognizing the importance of a vibrant business environment, the governor is determined to create conditions that foster productivity and boost the local economy.

On June 5th, Governor Mbah officially declared an end to the sit-at-home order, and since then, he has been working diligently to ensure the safety of the people of Enugu. Collaborative efforts between security agencies and government officials have been put in place to guarantee the security and well-being of residents.

The governor's resolve to end the sit-at-home order has garnered support from various stakeholders in Enugu State. Traditional rulers, business owners, youth groups, and the general population have endorsed the decision, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on the state’s prosperity and progress.

As the first working day of the week commences, Governor Peter Mbah encourages Ndi Enugu to go about their daily businesses with confidence.

“ Good morning, Ndi Enugu.”

“Today being Monday is the first working day of the week. Feel free to go about your various businesses. I want to assure you that everything has been put in place to ensure your safety. Your security is my priority.” _ His Excellency, Dr. Peter Mbah

The assurance of safety and security underscores the commitment of the government to create an enabling environment for the growth and success of Enugu State.

With the lifting of the sit-at-home order and renewed determination to promote entrepreneurship, Enugu State is poised to embrace progress and unleash its full potential under the leadership of Dr. Peter Mbah.

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