Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor, Expresses Gratitude to the Good People of Nkanu East as He Concludes His Service | CABLE REPORTERS


Nkanu East, Enugu State - In a heartfelt farewell message, Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor, the immediate past member of the Enugu State House of Assembly, extended his deepest gratitude to the esteemed residents of Nkanu East as he officially concluded his service to the constituency.

Highlighting the fundamental roles of a legislator, Nnajiofor acknowledged that his dedication had centered on lawmaking, representation, and oversight engagement. Throughout his tenure, he wholeheartedly committed himself to serving Nkanu East and Enugu State as a whole, striving to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to him.

Quoting the timeless words from the Book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verses 1-8, Nnajiofor emphasized the significance of recognizing the seasonality of life. In light of this understanding, he expressed immense gratitude to the good people of Nkanu East for deeming him worthy of representing them in the State Assembly since 2015. The rare privilege bestowed upon him by their support and votes allowed him to serve them diligently for an impressive eight-year period.

In his heartfelt message, Nnajiofor attributed his success and perseverance to the grace, mercy, and faithfulness of the Almighty God, whose divine guidance and protection accompanied him throughout his remarkable journey of service. His words fell short in fully expressing the magnitude of his appreciation for the divine blessings that sustained him.

Nnajiofor further paid tribute to His Excellency Barr Dr. Sullivan Chime, the former Governor of Enugu State, who served as his mentor, benefactor, and leader. With utmost loyalty and respect, Nnajiofor acknowledged Chime's pivotal role in affording him the opportunity to represent Ndi Nkanu East during his tenure. The former governor's unwavering support and exemplary leadership were eternally cherished by Nnajiofor.

Additionally, Nnajiofor expressed sincere gratitude to Pastor Sam Iyiogwe, the former council chairman of Nkanu East LGA, for his unwavering support and encouragement throughout his term. He also extended his appreciation to the immediate past Governor of Enugu State, Rt Hon Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi CON, who served as a political father, a strong pillar, and an iconic personality that provided immense support during his second tenure in 2019. Despite encountering challenges, Nnajiofor acknowledged God's faithfulness and thanked Governor Ugwuanyi for his unwavering support.

Reflecting on his journey, Nnajiofor highlighted the lessons he learned about humility and the importance of maintaining peace, even in the face of unfavorable circumstances. He appealed to the people of Nkanu East to extend their continued support and collaboration to the incumbent Governor, His Excellency Barr Dr. Peter Mbah, whom he believes has the best interests of Enugu State at heart.

As he bid farewell, Nnajiofor implored the people to rally behind his successor, Hon. Okey Mbah (popularly known as Okey di Okey), with the same unwavering support they had bestowed upon him. He expressed confidence in Mbah's ability to surpass his achievements and contribute significantly to the development of Nkanu East.

His statement reads: I *AM GRATEFUL TO THE GOOD PEOPLE  OF NKANU EAST                       AS I BOW OUT  ,, RT HON PAUL NNAJIOFOR* 

The three Cardinal functions of a Legislator are Lawmaking, representation and Oversight engagement and in all I did my best in service to Nkanu East Constituency in particular and Enugu State in general but it is time to bow out honourably.

According to the words of Ecclessiates chapter 3 verses I _ 8, to every thing in this life, there is a season. Therefore I salute  with heart full of immense and immeasurable degree of gratitude to the good people of Nkanu East for finding  me worthy to be elected their state Assembly rep since 2015 thereby granting me a rare privilege (not a right) to serve them for 8 years and now bowing out as a ranking member cum rated  Llegislator in Enugu State House of Assembly.  I thank God almighty for his grace ,mercy and faithfulness in my life so much so that words are not enough to express my praises to him for sparing my life through this journey of service

Jesus Christ is Lord .

He is God all by himself . To my mentor and  benefactor  my Leader and Boss His Excellency Barr Dr Sullivan Chime former Governor Enugu State, I doff my hat in loyalty .You gave me the  chance and opportunity for Ndi Nkanu East to send me in 2015 to the State Assembly during your  evidence filled tenure . Thank you Iheanacho Chime, u are forever cherished now and always. God bless you sir. I equally appreciate my brother and golden hearted former council chairman of Nkanu East LGA Pastor Sam Iyiogwe. Thank you man of God for all your support, encouragement. I equally express full gratitude to another kind boss Rt Hon Dr  Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi CON  the immediate Past Governor of Enugu State for being a political father    strong pillar and iconic personae that supported my 2 nd tenure in 2019. That period  was tough & strong  but God still proved himself for me and I thank Gov Ugwuanyi for his support and constitency .. 

I have learnt a lot about humility and the need to keep Peace even in unpalatable circumstances ,  Be calm.

To the good people of Nkanu East  I thank you all ,I love every one . I appreciate you all. I have done my best.  I never promised or claimed  to be perfect as a human. 

I served with all heart sincerely and with an open mind and I succeed to the extent where my influence and opportunities available  could avail me ,, Wherever  and whoever I have wronged I please ask for your forgiveness and understanding,

 Whoever and where ever I have done well, use that to balance the wrong side if any . In all situations we give God the glory.  I ask that we please give maximum and sincere all round support to  His Excellency Barr Dr Peter Mbah  Governor of Enugu State for him to succeed . He means well for Enugu State. Nkanu East will gain ultimately 

I also ask for the double dose of the support you gave me to be extended to my brother and successor  Hon Okey Mbah ( Okey di Okey) as he takes over the mantle of leadership to represent us at the Enugu State House of Assembly.. I trust and am convinced  he will do better than I have done.

I came, I saw and I conquered.I thank God it is ending in Praise to his holy name  Thank you my people...God bless us all.Nkanu East First..


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