Upholding Social Stability, Unity, Security and Economic Prosperity: Dr. Peter Mba's ‘No-Sit-At-Home' Policy By Prof. Chris Chimdubem Ngwu | CABLE REPORTERS

In the heart of Nigeria's Southeastern embrace, where the sun paints the horizon with hues of promises, Enugu State stands as a beacon of Steadfast Leadership, a narrative etched by the resolute actions of its brand new Governor, Barr. (Dr) Peter Ndubuisi Mba. With a fortitude matched only by the ancient hills that cradle the land, Governor Mba has unfolded a tapestry of commitment to preserving stability and nurturing the delicate seedlings of economic growth in Enugu State. In a terrain fraught with tumult, his administration has risen like the Phoenix, defying the tempestuous challenges posed by the disruptive "Sit-At-Home" order, an orchestration executed by one notorious ekperima in far away Finland.

In this theatrical canvas, Governor Mba emerges as the protagonist, an embodiment of unwavering determination, strategic sagacity, and an undying vision for a united and prosperous Enugu State. Through his actions, Dr. Mba has forged the bedrock upon which Enugu and South Eastern resurgence is anchored.

With the vow to increase the state's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from $4.4 billion to $30 billion, Governor Mba's clarion call against the illegal "Sit-At-Home" order by the self acclaimed auto-pilot commando, Simon Ekparima, resonates with the rhythms of an ancient proverb: "A stitch in time saves nine." His stance mirrors a sentinel guarding the gates of progress against the encroaching shadows of  a crippling economic decline. As an artisan crafts a masterpiece, Governor Mbah masterminded the restoration of normalcy and productivity, breathing a new life back into a state battered by socio-economic disruptions. The strains of businesses, once stifled, now crescendo like a symphony of renewal, weaving dreams anew for Enugu's sons and daughters.

In the resonance of these actions, a Chinua Achebe's proverb echoes: "Where one stands firm, others gather." Governor Mba's unyielding stance reverberates like the steady drumbeat of solidity, urging citizens to gather in unity against the divisive currents that once threatened to tear the fabric of Enugu State apart, destroy their economy and rendering them lifeless; after all, what is life without economic strength?

Being at the helm of Enugu's destiny, Governor Mba is akin to a sage who knows that "a leopard does not change its spots," being a true Nkanu "Shon of the Shoil." His unwavering commitment to law and order stems from an understanding as profound as the ancient wisdom that flows through the land. In the crucible of governance, he has confronted headlong ekpa's "Sit-At-Home" policy, embodying the spirit of justice that whispers through generations. The rule of law, like a Mighty River, flows unconfined, safeguarding citizens' rights and freedoms. His unwavering stance projects a beacon of security and stability, resolute as the mountains that stand guard over Enugu's serene landscapes.

In the words of a timeless Igbo proverb, Governor Mba's stance serves as a lodestar: "When the drumbeat changes, the dancer must adapt." The rhythm of governance is evolving, and under his resolute watch, the dance of progress and unity takes on new dimensions, guided by the melody of order, justice and security.

Within the fabric of Governor Mba's actions, we find threads of unity woven with the dexterity of a master weaver. Like the harmonious blend of notes in a traditional Igbo flute, his stand echoes a timeless truth: "Unity is strength." In the tumultuous currents of divisive ideologies, he has emerged as the custodian of social cohesion. A sentinel guarding the bonds that hold Enugu's diverse tapestry together, he prioritizes the state's interests over the siren calls of sectional pursuits. In this symphony of leadership, Governor Mba's clarion call resonates: the well-being of the people transcends individual agendas.

In the words of Chinua Achebe, "When brothers fight to  death, a stranger inherits their father's estate." Governor Mba's stance against divisiveness as demonstrated by his recent appointments is a testament to his vision, recognizing that the legacy of unity he safeguards is the most precious inheritance that Enugu can bestow upon the generations to come.

Governor Mba's actions stand as a "path paved with gold," a roadmap to prosperity unveiled amidst the challenges. His vigorous stance against the disruptive "Sit-At-Home" policy is akin to a blacksmith forging a mighty sword against the anvil of hardship. With industries now set to humming like a thriving marketplace, and educational institutions embracing their role as beacons of enlightenment, Enugu's citizens are free to pursue their dreams unimpeded. Amidst the bustling markets and the laughter of children in the streets, Enugu's destiny shines bright, poised to embrace a future drenched in the hues of prosperity.

Being his first two months plus in office, it is safer to say that In the spirit of Chinua Achebe's wisdom, "A chick that will grow into a cock can be spotted the very day it hatches." Governor Mba's resolute leadership is that discernible chick, poised to grow into a formidable cock of progress, crowing the dawn of a new era for Ndi Enugu.

In the pantheon of governance, Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah stands as a sentinel of unwavering dedication and unflinching courage. His stance against the disruptive "Sit-At-Home" order is a testament to his indomitable spirit. He has not merely salvaged Enugu's economic prospects, but has fortified the state's commitment to unity and progress. With a visionary's eye, he has charted a course that upholds stability, nurtures prosperity and unity; and safeguards the treasures of the South East. Enugu's trajectory, under his stewardship, paints a portrait of resolute leadership, an ode to the enduring pursuit of a brighter future. In the heart of Enugu's lush landscapes, the echoes of Governor Mba beams a dazzling light of Hope, Unity, Social Security and Economic Prosperity. 


Prof Chris Chimdubem Ngwu writes from Onuishingene Avenue, Ishiegu Village, Owo in Nkanu East LGA of Enugu State.

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