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By Nnabueze Darlington Nnaji, Helen Onyeakaand Chris Chimdubem Ngwu

H.E Dr. Peter Mbah

From the bustling streets of Enugu to its serene villages, there's a palpable wave of change sweeping through the state. This change is being led by Governor Peter Mba whose first 100 days in office have already painted a promising picture of Enugu's future. Grounded in his compelling manifesto for Ndi Enugu and echoing the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Mba's initiatives are more than just promises—they're a vision for a brighter future. Let's delve deep into how the governor's blueprint aligns with the SDGs, spotlighting the areas where Enugu is set to shine and where we can still amplify its journey to progress.

The United Nations in 2015 established 17 SDGs to be achieved by 2030. These goals cover areas that are important for the well-being of humans and earth’s sustainability, they include poverty eradication, education, healthcare, gender equality, clean energy, sustainable cities etc. Governor Peter Mba's manifesto for Enugu State proposed initiatives and policies for addressing the challenges and specific needs and concerns of the people of Enugu state. By implementing these initiatives, the governor would bring positive change and uplift the living conditions of the people.

To map the SDGs to Governor Peter Mba's manifesto, both documents, alongside all that has been implemented by the Governor, were analysed to identify key areas where they overlap and align. The goals and targets of the SDGs were matched with the specific objectives and strategies implemented by the governor. The analysis involved a comparative assessment to determine how these initiatives align with the SDGs.

Enugu State is witnessing a remarkable transformation under the visionary leadership of Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mba. In just 100 days, Governor Mba has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his campaign promises, thus charting a path towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for the people of Enugu. The subsequent section underscores the substantial initiatives and accomplishments of Governor Peter Mba's administration, thereby showcasing its dedication to sustainable development and alignment with the United Nations' SDGs.

Fulfilling Commitments: Governance with Purpose and Vision

Governor Peter Mbas administration has taken meaningful strides towards building a better Enugu State, reflecting his dedication to transparency, accountability, and social inclusivity. One of his key accomplishments has been the meticulous selection of government officials across different socioeconomic sectors, emphasizing competence, gender equality, and representation from all corners of Enugu. This underscores the SDGs, particularly SDG 5 (Gender Equality), and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions).

Addressing Poverty and Fostering Agricultural Prosperity

Aligned with SDG 1 (No Poverty) and SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), Governor Mbas government has committed N274 million as counterpart funding to the IFAD/VCDP, aimed at uplifting small farmers through improved cassava and rice value chains. The funding injection supports the agricultural sector, particularly smallholder farmers, in improving food security and employment. This partnership fosters rural development through providing agro-inputs, processing equipment, market infrastructure, water supply, and capacity-building initiatives. The funds will also aid climate change mitigation efforts, youth and women's empowerment, and adoption of Good Agricultural Practices. This initiative not only combats poverty and hunger but also supports sustainable agriculture, employment generation, and climate change mitigation.

Promoting Justice, Welfare, and Inclusivity

Governor Mba's dedication to justice and inclusivity is evident through establishing a committee to address outstanding pensions and gratuities for local government staff and primary school teachers. This move resonates with SDG 1 (No Poverty) and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities), ensuring financial relief and social security benefits for Enugu State retirees, thus reducing inequality.

Infrastructure for Connectivity and Economic Growth

The Enugu State Government has embarked on an extensive road construction and rehabilitation project addressing urban and rural areas. This initiative involves constructing 71 roads within Enugu metropolis and 10 major roads connecting different parts of the state. Additionally, the plan includes dualizing key roads and building flyovers to alleviate traffic congestion, notably at Abakpa Junction and Chris Chemist/Old Park Junction. This comprehensive road infrastructure project aims to enhance connectivity, reduce travel times, and stimulate economic growth. It contributes significantly to SDG 9: (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) by promoting resilient infrastructure development and fostering regional integration.

In addition, the rehabilitation of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp represents a significant investment in youth development and well-being. Modernizing facilities, providing clean water access, improving roads, and addressing other amenities in the orientation camp create a conducive environment for youth training and enhance the local community's infrastructure. This effort contributes to SDG 4: (Quality Education), SDG 3(Good Health and Well-being), and SDG 6: (Clean Water and Sanitation) by supporting education, health, and sanitation for young individuals while aligning with broader development objectives. The governor's call for the corps members' engagement with host communities and dedication to national ideals further supports SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 8( Decent Work and Economic Growth), as it encourages community participation and youth empowerment. This effort not only enhances the quality of facilities but also contributes to the improvement of infrastructure for training and development, fostering youth empowerment and skills enhancement.

Economic Diversification and Partnerships for Growth

The Enugu State Government has partnered with Ethiopian Airlines to foster mutual growth and development. The collaboration aims to explore various opportunities, including training Enugu's youths at the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation University and other areas of interest. This partnership holds significance in economic development and diversification, as it aligns with the Enugu State Government's efforts to boost the state's Gross Domestic Product through such collaborations. The partnership also underscores the commitment of both parties to work together for common benefits. This initiative aligns with the United Nations SDG 8(Decent Work and Economic Growthby promoting economic diversification, job creation, and skills development for the youth population in Enugu. Additionally, it contributes to SDG 17(Partnerships for the Goals) by exemplifying a collaborative effort between a government entity and a private enterprise to achieve sustainable development outcomes. 

Attracting Investments and Diaspora Engagement

The 'Enugu State Diaspora and Investment Forum' (ES-DIF) demonstrates a forward-looking approach to economic growth. This initiative, led by Governor Peter Mba, seeks to bring in $2 billion worth of investment interests within its first year. The forum's significance lies in its potential to drive private sector-led economic growth and transformative development outcomes for the state. The government aims to identifying and curating investment projects, facilitating policy reforms, and mobilizing capital for critical development programs by creating a platform that connects project sponsors, financial institutions, development partners, and the diaspora community. The establishment of ES-DIF and the focus on attracting investment and engaging with the diaspora community reflect SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). By collaborating with various stakeholders, including diaspora communities, financial institutions, and development partners, the government is working towards the state's sustainable development through strategic partnerships. This initiative also aligns with the United Nations SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), as it aims to promote economic development, job creation, and infrastructure enhancement in Enugu State.

Transparency in Education and Empowering Youth

Governor Peter Mba hasalso, established an eight-member Panel of Inquiry to investigate the affairs of the state-owned Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu. This panel named the Panel of Inquiry into the Accounts, Management Practices and Staff Conduct of IMTis tasked with evaluating the institution's credibility and adherence to legal and policy frameworks. It will scrutinize fees charged to students, assess staff selection processes, examine revenue generation mechanisms, and investigate any undue financial demands on students. The significance of this initiative lies in its potential to enhance transparency, accountability, and overall governance in the education sector of Enugu State. By addressing financial and managerial issues within IMT, this effort contributes to good governance and quality education, aligning with the United Nations SDG 4: (Quality Education)and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions). The committee's work has the potential to set a precedent for positive change in the higher education landscape of the state, ultimately benefiting students, staff, and the entire academicommunity.

Turning Water Scarcity into Abundance

With all eyes on Governor Peter Mbas promise of getting water running in Enugu Metropolis within his first 180 days, the governor has initiated a transformative water project in Enugu State, focusing on the renovation of critical waterworks including Iva Valley, Oji River, and Ajaliwaterworks, along with the installation of industrial boreholes and replacement of old pipes with new ones. These efforts aim to address the longstanding water scarcity issue in the region. The significance of this endeavour lies in its rapid progress within just 60 days of Governor Mba taking office, reflecting his strong commitment to fulfilling his promise of ensuring water access to every corner of Enugu's capital within 180 days. This initiative showcases his dedication to improving the lives of Enugu residents and aligns with the United Nations SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) which seeks to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. Governor Mba's swift and comprehensive approach to this exemplifies visionary leadership and a commitment to positive change, thusheralding a promising future for Enugu State.

Enhancing Security and Well-being

The Enugu state government has taken a significant step towards enhancing security and promoting economic growth by introducing the Distress Response Squad (DRS) to replace the previously inactive Urban Patrol Unit. This strategic decision underlines the governor's commitment to the well-being of Enugu's citizens and acknowledges the pivotal role security plays in fostering a conducive environment for development. The creation of the DRS, a responsive police team, is aimed at promptly addressing security concerns across the state. By allocating resources such as a fleet of vehicles and establishing a direct reporting line to the Chief Security Officer, Governor Mba, now ensures the squad's swift response to distress calls. This initiative aligns closely with the United Nations SDG 16(Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutionsas it focuses on promoting peaceful and inclusive societies by bolstering security and ensuring access to justice. Furthermore, the DRS's active presence on Enugu's streets and strategic road junctions signifies a commitment to reducing crime and enhancing its residents' overall quality of life. The governor's proactive approach demonstrates quality proactive leadership in fostering a safer and more prosperous Enugu State.

Confluence of Vision and Global Goals

Governor Peter Mba's first 100 days in office have showcased a transformative vision that resonates strongly with the SDGs. His administration's achievements highlight a commitment to poverty eradication, inclusive education, sustainable agriculture, infrastructure development, economic diversification, and many more, while promoting justice, transparency, and accountability. As Enugu State progresses on this journey of sustainable development, Governor Mbasapproach serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that aligned actions can bring positive change to the people's lives.


In a world striving for a more equitable, sustainable future, Governor Peter Mba's administration is a testament to the potential for local actions to contribute to global goals. As Enugu State continues to move forward, integratingsustainable development principles into governance provides a roadmap for all its citizens' progress, prosperity, and well-being. His administration has made impressive strides quickly, demonstrating a commitment to transformative change. The information highlights Peter Ndubuisi Mba'saccomplishments and track record as a promising Nigerian politician. His achievements demonstrate his strategic thinking, innovative approaches, and commitment to transformative governance. However, it's essential to maintain a balanced perspective. The complexities of governance, economic factors, political dynamics, corruption challenges, and the sustainability of policies could impact the outcomes of his plans. It's important to consider the potential for unforeseen obstacles, manage public expectations, and prioritize accountability and transparency. While his positive attributes are evident, prudent assessment of his actions and adaptability to changing circumstances remains crucial to comprehensively evaluate his potential success as a leader.



"In the heart of Nigeria, Enugu is on the brink of an unprecedented transformation. As Governor Peter Mbasketches a brighter future in his first 100 days, his ambitions and the global SDGs converge in remarkable harmony. Here's a roadmap to amplify that promising synergy:

1. Unified Vision Taskforce: Form a dynamic team merging officials, subject experts, and community voices. This powerhouse will ensure that the SDGs and Mbas grand vision for Enugu are in perfect sync.

2. Community Connection: Engage the heartbeat of Enugu—its community leaders, NGOs, and everyday citizens. Through continuous dialogue and feedback loops, decisions will reflect the collective aspirations of Ndi Enugu.

3. Agile Planning: Align budgets and policies with both the SDGs and the governor's blueprint, while maintaining a fluid stance to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of the state.

4. Data-Driven Action: Strengthen data collection and real-time monitoring. With an investment in cutting-edge data tools, Enugu will thrive on evidence-based decision-making.

5. Collaborative Growth: For areas like infrastructure, partner with the private sector. This mutual alliance will spur innovation, driving the state's progress exponentially.

6. Education Evolution: Imbue Enugu's education with a deep sense of sustainability. By empowering educators and seeking global partnerships, Enugu can lead the next generation to a brighter future.

7. Transparency Triumphs: An unwavering commitment to monitor and evaluate every initiative ensures accountability remains at the forefront.

8. Awareness Avalanche: Ignite Enugu's spirit by educating its citizens about the SDGs. A widespread campaign will not only inform but inspire a collective move towards sustainability.

9. Embrace the Flow: The key to Enugu's lasting success? Adaptability. By welcoming new challenges and swiftly leveraging opportunities, Enugu's horizon will only get brighter.

As we merge these strategies with Governor Peter Mbascompelling 100-day vision, Enugu stands poised tonot just meet, but redefine, the benchmarks of sustainable development."

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