Enugu Youth Calls for Federal Intervention Following Collapse of Port Harcourt Express Road Bridge | CABLE REPORTERS

In a recent development, the Nkanu Youth Organization, under the leadership of Hon. Nwachukwu David, has taken urgent action in response to the alarming collapse of the bridge on the Port Harcourt Express Road.

In a candid interview, Hon. Nwachukwu David emphasized the pressing need for immediate federal government intervention to address this critical infrastructure crisis. He commended Senate David Umahi, the Minister for Works, for his proactive efforts in maintaining federal roads, stressing that swift measures are essential to prevent further disruptions.

Regional Impact

The collapsed bridge holds significant regional importance as it connects the North to vital South Eastern and South Southern states, including Abia and Imo. Its disruption could have far-reaching consequences for the people of the South East and all Nigerians who rely on this crucial transportation link.

The Nkanu Youth Organization appeals to Nkanu brothers and all road users, particularly those impacted by this route, to exercise extreme caution and seek alternative routes while the situation is being addressed.

Remarkably, despite the severity of the incident, no lives were lost, prompting gratitude for the preservation of human life.

In light of the collapse's ramifications, Hon. Nwachukwu David Onyekachi, President of NYO, and Hon. Ugwu Chukwuemerie Padrepew, Secretary of NYO, have jointly signed an urgent appeal to the Federal Government, urging prompt intervention to restore this vital transportation artery.

The Nkanu Youth Organization continues to monitor the situation closely, advocating for the well-being and safety of all affected citizens.

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