Governor Peter Mba's Pioneering Achievements: A Disruptive Wave of Progress in Enugu State | CABLE REPORTERS


By Nnabueze Darlington Nnaji and Prof Christian Chimdubem Ngwu.

Disruptive innovation is a concept that has traditionally been associated with the business world which was introduced by Clayton Christensen to describe innovations that shake up existing markets and challenge established players. However, in the realm of governance, the term takes on a new dimension when applied to leaders like Dr. Peter Mba. Mba'sapproach to governance is akin to a disruptive innovation in politics. He entered the scene with a fresh perspective, targeting segments of the population that had long been underserved by previous administrations. 

In governance, as in any other facet of life, progress is often measured by milestones achieved within a set period. It takes visionary leadership and innovative thinking to progress and drive meaningful change in a very short time like Dr. Peter Mba is driving a serious change in Enugu State. At the helm of Enugu State, he has embarked on a journey of disruptive innovation that promises to reshape the state's future. The first few months of his administration has been nothing short of remarkabilityconsistently introducing ground-breaking initiatives that deviate from the conventional old order. Each day, Ndi Enugu awaken to fresh and visionary initiatives aimed at advancing the welfare and progress of the state. In this piece we will delve into the transformative journey of Dr.Peter Ndubuisi Mba's disruptive innovation in governance,thus exploring the various facets of progress that have defined his early tenure as the Governor of Enugu State.

1. A Legal Framework for Investment

One of the cornerstones of Governor Peter Mba'sadministration is the bold step to review and enact state laws, creating a fertile ground for investments. By de-risking and streamlining the legal landscape, Enugu State is positioning itself as the preferred destination for both local and foreign investments. The recent signing of the Enugu State Electricity Law 2023 is a prime example that openthe door for investors in the energy sector to participate in power generation, transmission, and distribution. This move not only bolsters the state's industrial and economic activities but also enhances its overall appeal to investors.

2. Accelerating Justice Delivery System 

In the pursuit of an investor-friendly environment, the administration is keenly aware of the importance of a strong and efficient judicial system. Investors seek assurance that disputes can be resolved swiftly and fairly. Therefore, the government is digitizing the judiciary, aiming to reduce the time it takes to conclude cases. This transformation ensures that Enugu State offers not only economic opportunitiesbut,also, a robust legal framework that supports business activities.

3. Ensuring Safety and Security

Governance is more than just infrastructure development; it's also about ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens. The Mba administration has made significant strides in checkmating the hydra headed sit-at-home phenomenon, fostering a more secure environment for Ndi Enugu. The launch of the Distress Response Squad (DRS) and the impending Control and Command Center showcase the administration's resolve to put the entire state under comprehensive security surveillance.

4. A Digital Future

In an age defined by digitalization, the Mba administration is embracing technology to streamline services. The promise of getting a Certificate of Occupancy (C-of-O) in just 72 hours, demonstrates a commitment to improving the ease of doing business in Enugu State.

5. Transforming Education through Smart Schools

The Mba administration recognizes that education is the cornerstone of progress. To that end, the initiative to establishintegrated smart schools in all the 260 wards of the state is a ground-breaking initiative. These schools represent a shift from traditional educational institutions to skill acquisition centers. Each classroom in these smart schools will be equipped with digital technology, thereby ushering in a new era of education. This move ensures that Enugu's children receive a well-rounded education that includes, not only academic knowledge, but, also, practical skills which are crucial for their future successes.

6. Green and Sustainable Education

The integrated and smart schools aren't just about technology,they are also green and sustainable. These schools will integrate eco-restoration, smart agriculture, sustainable energy, greenhouse practices, and green energy into their curriculum. By doing so, Enugu State is not only preparing its youth for the future, but, also, nurturing a generation that understands and values environmental sustainability. This forward-thinking approach aligns with global trends and ensures that Enugu remains at the forefront of responsible and eco-conscious development.

7. Skills for Every Child

Governor Peter Mba's commitment to skills acquisition is evident in the education curriculum. The goal is clear: no child should reach the age of 18 without acquiring practical skills. This experiential learning curriculum model ensures that students gain hands-on experience in various fields, from industrial design to agriculture and entrepreneurship. It prepares them for the challenges of the modern world and equips them with the skills needed for a successful and life fulfilling future.

8. The UK Visa Application Centre: Opening Doors to Global Opportunities

One of the standout achievements of the Mba administration within his early days in office is the major role he played in facilitating the establishment of a UK Visa Application Centre in Enugu. This monumental move not only saves Ndi Enugu the hassle of traveling to major cities like Abuja, Lagos, or Port Harcourt, but, also, underscores the governor's commitment to opening global opportunities for Ndi Enugu. It's a testament to his vision for a more interconnected and globally competitive state.

9. Addressing Water Scarcity Head-On

Water scarcity has been a long-standing issue in Enugu State. In just a few months, the Mba administration has embarked on an ambitious project to supply pipe borne water to the homes of Ndi Enugu and increase water production from less than 2 million liters to over 25 million liters, the highest in over 20 years. This initiative, coupled with the rehabilitation of long-abandoned reservoirs, is already bringing relief to parts of the state that have been thirsting for this vital resource.

10. Infrastructure Overhaul

The governor's plan to construct 71 urban roads, 10 inter-local government roads, and the introduction of flyovers signals a massive overhaul of the state's infrastructure. Despite challenges from political opponents, this administration is resolute in its resolve to deliver on these promises by providing residents with improved mobility and access.

11. Transforming Waste Management

Cleanliness is one of the hallmarkof a well-governed city. The return of compactors to waste disposal and the noticeable improvement in refuse disposal are visible indicators of the governor's determination to transforming Enugu into a cleaner and more habitable city.

12. Attracting Investments

The governor's successful investment roundtable with key players like the UK Government, AfreximbankAfDB, and global investors showcases his ability to attract crucial investments. These investments have the potential to create jobs, drive economic growth, and improve the living standards of Ndi Enugu.

13. Rural Development and Accountability

By committing to fund 60 percent of capital development projects undertaken by the 17 local government areas, Governor Peter Mba is addressing a longstanding issue of mismanaged local government funds. This move reflects a dedication to equitable development and financial accountability.

14. A Promise Kept

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of Peter Mba'sfew months in office is his commitment to the social contract with the people of Enugu. Holding himself accountable and delivering on defined promises is a rare trait among political leaders in Nigeria. It reaffirms the governor's commitment to transparent and accountable governance.

15. Inter-Ministerial Collaboration

The success of these initiatives relies on collaborationbetween and among various government ministries. The Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Health, Youth and Sports, Children, Gender Affairs, and Social Development are working together to establish the smart schools and deliver the curriculum effectively. This inter-ministerial cooperation reflects the holistic approach taken by the Mba administration to ensure the comprehensive development of Enugu State.


Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mba's first few months in office have been nothing short of a disruptive innovation in governance. His visionary leadership, commitment to development, and remarkable achievements across various sectors paint a picture of a leader poised to transform the entire Enugu State. As the governor continues to chart this path of progress, the people of Enugu State eagerly anticipate what the future holds under his transformative disruptive leadership.

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