Mbah's Appeal Court Triumph: A Solemn Ratification of His Divine Mandate at the Polls in the Enugu State March Governorship Election | CABLE REPORTERS

By Prof. Chris Chimdubem Ngwu

 In a historic turn of events, Dr. Peter Mbah's overwhelming Victory at the Court of Appeal has not only solidified his well-deserved triumph in the Enugu State Governorship Election, but , has, also, served as a resounding victory for all the people who championed his cause. 

The Court's resolute validation of the Enugu State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal's decision, which dismissed the frivolous petition filed by the ever wailing Labour Party candidate, marks a momentous milestone for Dr. Mbah and his dedicated supporters.

Dr. Mbah's path to this remarkable victory has been nothing short of extraordinary, as he emerged victorious over the "forever confused" Labour Party candidate on not one, not two, but four consecutive occasions, spanning various levels of the rigorous election process. His resolute determination to uphold excellence and his relentless pursuit of progress have unequivocally established him as a true leader among his peers.

Enduring numerous challenges and navigating the treacherous terrain of shifting allegiances, Dr. Mbah's tenacity remained unshakable, ultimately proving his worth to the people of Enugu State. The election tribunal's ruling on September 21, 2023, laid the solid foundation for his triumph, and the recent ruling from the Court of Appeal on November 10, 2023, has further fortified his unassailable position.

As a 'brother' and an ardent supporter, I stand confident that Dr. Peter Mbah's exceptional governance within these few months in office will usher in an era of peace and unity in Enugu State. 

His inexorable resilience in the face of power struggles and distracting attempts to sow disunity and hatred within the minds of Ndi Enugu is truly remarkable. With his divine mandate, it is abundantly clear that nothing, and no one can deter him from his path heartfelt service or distract him from his purposeful drive to turn Enugu State around for socioeconomic development.

In moments like these, I am irresistibly reminded of the biblical verse from Romans 8:31, which reverberates with unwavering strength: "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Dr. Mbah's divine calling to serve the people of Enugu State has been undeniably reaffirmed through these resounding victories, and no distractions or instigation  of disunity and hatred can waver his inexorable commitment.

Jeremiah 29:11,  reminds us that God has plans to prosper and provide us with a future full of promises. Dr. Mbah's resounding victory serves as a resplendent testament to God's divine plan for his exemplary leadership in Enugu State. May he always remain steadfast in his implacable commitment to uplifting the lives of the good people of Ndi Enugu.

Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah's dedication to the overall development of Enugu State is not only admirable, but, also, unequivocally commendable, particularly in crucial areas such as the recent road infrastructure projects flag off, water supply efforts, technocratic governance, healthcare, and economic development. His tireless efforts in these sectors have not gone unnoticed, and the positive impact on the lives of the good people of Enugu State resonates resoundingly.

His visionary leadership and meticulous approach to state matters have, unarguably, catapulted Enugu State towards a path of undeniable progress and prosperity. Dr. Mbah's unparalleled administration and remarkable achievements, so far, shine through his genuine words and selfless actions, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of a majority of Ndi Enugu.

Once again, on behalf of the countless teeming supporters of our darling governor who have relentlessly stood on Dr. Peter Mbah's side, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the people's governor on his resounding victories so far. 

His commitment to the welfare and progress of the people of Enugu State is truly commendable, and serves as a beacon of hope for Ndi Enugu, in particular and Nigeria as Nigeria as a whole. 

May his tenure be characterized by continued success, everlasting peace, and unyielding unity.

A Very Big Congratulations to All of Us.... INDEED OUR TOMORROW IS HERE!!!

Prof. Chris Chimdubem Ngwu.... writes from Owo Kingdom.

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