Solidarity Alliance Celebrates Governor Peter Mbah's Resounding Victory at the Appeal Court | CABLE REPORTERS


Solidarity Alliance Support Group for Peter Mbah extends heartfelt congratulations to Governor Mbah and the people of Ndi Enugu for yet another triumphant win at the Appeal Court in Lagos.

"The victory is a testament to the Lord's doing and a resounding triumph for democracy and the people," says the Convener, Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor JP.

The Convener, Central Working Committee, and all members of this pro-democracy support group express immense joy and gratitude for this significant victory. "Governor Peter Mbah's mandate is not just political; it's divine," emphasizes the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor JP.

They attribute the success to divine intervention, hailing it as a triumph for democracy and the people. Governor Peter Mbah's mandate is reaffirmed, and they commend his unwavering commitment and focus amidst unnecessary distractions.

"We commend the Governor for his tenacity of purpose and standing firm, committed, and focused in the face of all these unnecessary distractions," states the release.

The Alliance acknowledges everyone who believes in the vision and mission of Governor Peter Mbah, emphasizing the rallying cry that "Tomorrow is Here." "We believe in the transformative future Governor Mbah envisions for Enugu State," adds the Convener.

They urge Ndi Enugu, both at home and abroad, to unite, setting aside divisive tendencies and collectively support Governor Mbah in building a stronger Enugu State.

"In times of victory, unity becomes our greatest strength. We urge Ndi Enugu to rally around Governor Mbah, for together, we can build Enugu State,"

As a support group, they pledge unalloyed support and partnership towards realizing the innovative policies and programs of the present government under the dynamic leadership of Governor Peter Mbah.

"The Alliance stands firm in its commitment to support Governor Mbah in realizing the disruptive, innovative policies and programs that will shape the future of Enugu State," concludes the statement.

The message resounds with congratulations, echoing that indeed "Tomorrow is Here."


Rt Hon Paul Nnajiofor JP

Ononenyi, Convener & Chairman, Board of Trustees

Solidarity Alliance for Peter Mbah, Advocates of Good Governance

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