Former Enugu State Lawmaker, Nnajiofor, Applauds Governor Mbah's National Recognition for Good Governance | CABLE REPORTERS

In a recent development, former Enugu State lawmaker, Nnajiofor, has commended Governor Dr. Peter Mbah for receiving the prestigious Governor of the Year Award from The Telegraph Newspaper. The award acknowledges Governor Mbah's unwavering leadership, particularly in resolving the illegal sit-at-home order and restoring peace and security to the South East state.

"Governor Mbah's remarkable achievements in steering Enugu State towards progress and prosperity have not gone unnoticed. His visionary leadership and tireless dedication to the betterment of our state have garnered national acclaim, as evidenced by this prestigious award," remarked Rt. Hon. Nnajiofor.

Nnajiofor, expressing his admiration, highlighted Governor Mbah's commitment to creating a secure and tranquil environment conducive to economic growth. The former lawmaker emphasized the importance of stability for fostering business and investment opportunities in the state.

"As a former lawmaker and a staunch advocate for good governance, I am proud to see Governor Mbah's efforts being recognized and celebrated on a national platform. His leadership exemplifies integrity, accountability, and a genuine commitment to serving the people," Rt. Hon. Nnajiofor added

This recognition comes as a testament to Governor Mbah's dedication and courage in steering Enugu State toward prosperity. Nnajiofor extends his heartfelt congratulations to the governor, emphasizing his zeal and the collective effort of the state's security agencies and the governor's team in achieving this remarkable feat.

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