Breaking News: Six Enugu State House of Assembly LP Members Defect to PDP | CABLE REPORTERS

In a surprising turn of events, six members of the Enugu State House of Assembly, formerly of the Labour Party (LP), have officially defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The announcement came during Thursday's plenary session at the Assembly Legislative Complex in Enugu.

The Speaker, Chief Uche Ugwu, revealed their decision by reading a letter during the session. The defectors include:

1. Mr. Ejike Eze from Igbo-Eze North 1 constituency

2. Mr. Johnson Ugwu from Enugu North constituency

3. Ms. Princess Ugwu from Enugu South Rural constituency

4. Mr. Pius Ezeugwu from Nsukka West constituency

5. Mr. Amuka Williams from Igbo-Etiti East constituency

6. Mr. Osita Eze from Oji River constituency

Their move signals a significant shift in the political landscape of Enugu State, reaffirming the dominance of the PDP in the region. With this development, the Labour Party's presence in Enugu state appears to have dwindled significantly.

Stay tuned for more updates as the political scene continues to evolve.

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